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This Months Selection

  • Italian Tomato Gourmet Mix

    Tomato Italian Gourmet Mix

    Italian Gourmet Tomato Mix is a classic selection of the best Italian tomatoes.  This packet includes one seed of the following varieties: Golden Gazzi (large pale yellow), Fragolino (oblong pointed), Apricot Salex (peachy orange, triangular), Yellow Egg (eggshaped), Black Ethiopian (dark round) and Pantano Romanesco (best beef tomato) Sowing: February to March Sow 5 seeds into … more information

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  • 220px-Yacon

    Yacon Tubers

    Yacon is a very unusual tuber.  One of the lost crops of the Incas. It produces large yields of sweet tubers which are best eaten raw.  Plants grow up to 2 metres tall. Planting: Mid April. Harvesting: October – December. Spacing: 1 plant per square metre Amount: I growth tuber   Growing Yacon (Polymnia sonchifolia … more information

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  • Carrot Rocket F1

    Carrot – Rocket F1

    Carrot – Rocket F1  is my favorite carrot variety.  One of the most delicious and versatile varieties. Sowing: October, February and March under protection. April and May outdoors. Approx seed count: 250 sds Growing Carrots: Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) Related to:  Parsnip, celery, celeriac, parsley, coriander, dill. Botanical classification:  Daucus is the ancient Greek name for … more information

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  • Microgreens - Gourmet Mix

    Microgreen Mix – Gourmet

    Mircrogreen Mix – Gourmet is a gourmet blend of delicious varieties of vegetables, salads and herbs suitable for eating as baby leaves. If grown in a bed, loosen the soil and rake it smooth and level, scatter the seeds about 0.5cm apart.  Rake it over again.  If sown in trays you’ll need a minimum of … more information

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Vegetable Seeds

Around 120 varieties of vegetable seeds chosen for gardeners in Ireland & the UK
Tested & approved by a respected organic horticulturist

Milkwood Farm Green House

When I came to Ireland, organic veg growing at home was just starting to become popular.  In fact very few people were growing their own vegetables.  Now it has completely changed in recent years. Thousands of people are now growing their own food again and the perception that organic gardening is for Hippies and retired old folk is quite outdated.

As we all know Ireland has a unique climate and it took me a few years to adjust my growing techniques to this special climate and soil. The main changes I understood and made was to be patient, to delay the  sowing and planting of my seeds and young plants.

There are a huge variety of seeds available for you to choose from and I have experimented and still do with many seeds to see if they can grow in all soils and conditions in our varied climate.

Now after years of trials I now offer to you fellow gardeners my tried and tested vegetable seeds online which have passed my  crucial seeds tests which are:-

1. Ease of growing.   2. Disease Resistance.   3. Crop Productivity.   4. Performance In All Climate Conditions.   5. Taste.

I know you will be completely satisfied with my seed selections.  Happy gardening!

Vegetable Growing in Ireland - Books By Klaus Laitenberger

Vegetable Gardening Books By Klaus Laitenberger

Klaus Laitenberger was once the Head Gardener at the Organic Centre at Rossinver, Co. Leitrim and now lectures at University college Cork on organic horticulture, food production and more. He is also an organic farming inspector and his 20 plus years experience of growing food organically has led him in recent years to write 3 books on growing vegetables and not surprisingly they soon all became best sellers.  The books have attained rave reviews from other horticulturists and top gardening newspaper & magazine writers and other gardeners alike.

Here are just a few gardening reviewers you may recognize.

Caroline Foley – The Guardian Newspaper:

Dick Warner – Irish Examiner Newspaper:

Marie Staunton – The Irish Independent Newspaper:

Michael Kelly –  The Irish Independent Newspaper:

Fionnuala Fallon – The Irish Times Newspaper:

Their reviews and others can be read on our “Book Reviews” page.

And of course not forgetting these great vegetable growing books by Klaus Laitenberger: – ‘Vegetables For The Irish Garden’  and   ‘A Vegetable Growers Handbook’ are available to purchase from this website.  ‘Vegetables For The Polytunnel & Greenhouse’  is available from all major book shops.